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September 16, 2017/ DC's Chinatown
12pm - 9pm

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About what to expect...

The District Oktoberfest is D.C.'s Official Kickoff to the best month of the year! Participants enjoy one premium 12-ounce Oktoberfest beer at each venue they visit INCLUDED in their ticket. You also get:

- $4 specials liquor pairings and additional Oktoberfest beers
- Food specials
- The most fun you can legally have in one day

That's right -- you get a FULL 12-ounce serving of an Oktoberfest edition beer at each venue you visit. Chinatown's best venues will be ready for you. CHECK-IN IS FROM 12:00-3:00PM @ 10 Tavern, 707 G Street NW.

The Official District Oktoberfest is a production of Beerathon LLC, the team behind the successful Beerathons in DC, New York, Boston, Houston, Chicago, Austin, Denver and Savannah; the DC Margarita March; the DC Bourbon Bash; and the DC Whiskey Walk. Beerathon LLC is a New York Limited Liability Company.

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Sponsorsthe people who made it happen...

Locations 6 participating bars

10 Tavern *Check in*

707 G Street NW, 2nd floor

Enjoy a glass of: DC Brau


808 7th St NW

Enjoy a glass of: Spaten

Rocket Bar

714 7th St NW

Enjoy a glass of: Flying Dog Dogtoberfest

Iron Horse

507 7th St NW

Enjoy a glass of: Sam Adams


726 7th St NW

Enjoy a glass of: TBD

Fuel Pizza

600th 6th St NW

Enjoy a glass of: Goose Island Festbier

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